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PROMISE’s first meeting with the advisory and valorisation board

first meeting

We had a first meeting with the PROMISE project partners. Are you curious who they are? Take a look on this page. The research team has already been working with these partners for a long time, although sometimes we see new faces. The project has been set up together with these experts and stakeholders. As PROMISE was taking a start, it was good timing to get together again.


During the meeting we briefly presented an overview of the envisaged project to the partners, and discussed their role within the project. But for the large part we took the time to ask them what their most pertinent needs are, what objectives and valorisation output they consider to be crucial, and what they would dream of if anything was possible. We did this in small groups per topic, while our research partners were free to roam and get involved in any discussion they want.


Again, we learned a lot. Many of the objectives and envisaged valorisation output were confirmed. But insights, feelings and experiences from the field always help to get the focus right. Needless to say, the vibe and feedback was good motivation, and we are ready to take a flying start with PROMISE.